Steve Buttry

Director of Community Engagement & Social Media

Herndon, VA

Steve Buttry

I'm a journalist with print roots and digital blossoms.


As the American Press Institute closes, another piece of my past fades away

As the American Press Institute closes, another piece of my past fades away March 23, 2012 by Steve Buttry Like a drawing on the Etch-a-Sketch that is so popular in politics now, my journalism past has pretty much been shaken clean. Almost everywhere I worked has been shut down or sold: Columbus (Ohio) Citizen-Journal.
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Memories of covering seven Iowa caucuses in four decades

I've had a lot of fun covering the Iowa caucuses. It feels odd to be mostly sitting this one out. Last week I noted that I think it's time for Iowa to relinquish its place at the front of our nation's political line (or for political parties or federal legislation to reform the process, giving other states a turn).
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5 ways my Mom and my sons' Mom shaped my journalism career

As I considered writing something about Mom or Mimi for Mother's Day, I initially dismissed the idea as not right for my blog.
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40 years in the news biz: I've seen a lot of change

I started my professional journalism career 40 years ago. I don't recall the exact date I started work, but it was in August and I'm pretty sure the anniversary is sometime this week. I don't know what that means, other than that I'm getting old and I've seen and survived a lot.
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A public-relations rookie's handling of the TBD launch

In the days of my callow youth, I remember referring to journalists who ventured into public relations as having "sold out." Never mind that many in PR toiled for pay as low as many journalists. Never mind that PR ethics also insist on getting the facts right.
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Steve Buttry

I've been a reporter, editor, writing coach, trainer and various executive positions at seven newspapers, a digital startup, the American Press Institute and Digital First Media. In my 40-year journalism career, I have covered news, trained journalists and attended events in 44 states, nine Canadian provinces, Ireland, Venezuela, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador and Siberia.